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15. Certifications and documentation

LabKey is a CE branded product, that guarantees the consumer the conformity of the product with all the provisions of the European Union starting from its use, over the design, manufactory, placing on the market and commissioning until the disposal of the product.
LabKey complies with CE marking directives:

  • ECM (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive): describes the ability of a device to operate in the presence of other equipment, without causing or receiving disturbances that change the functioning of one or the other,

  • RED (radio equipment): limitation of electromagnetic waves,

  • LVD (LowVoltage Directive): which takes into account products that operate in the range of 50 to 1,000 Volts in alternating current and from 75 to 1,500 Volts in direct current,

  • RoHS: indicates the absence or presence below the limits indicated by the law of pollutants and harmful substances, which are contained in a list setting the tolerated limits

LabKey is a product with IP65 certification; complete protection against the ingress of dust or sand and against water jets. It is important to perform the installation correctly to ensure resistance to the external agents of the control device.

To download the certifications click here.

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