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8. What the LabKey LED colors mean(Color chart / message)

Remember that the startup time of the card is about 1 minute.

During the startup phase

Timing Light Message
Strong Flashing Red/green Startup complete! All right!

During synchronization of information with the server (every 5 minutes by default)

Timing Light Message
50ms Red Synchronization complete! All right!
300ms Red The server did not respond correctly! It is not communicating properly!
600ms Red No internet connection!

During opening, immediately after entering a keypad code or using an NFC card.

Timing Light Message
1 sec Green Correct access. The code entered or the card is enabled.
1,5 sec Red Access Denied. The code entered or the card is NOT enabled.
50 ms Green Log inserted into the Cloud! All right!
300 ms Red The server was not able to insert the log! It is not communicating properly!
600 ms Red No internet connection!
2 s ec Red flashing External device denies access